Happy New Year!

I’m sure that there is not one person who wants to see the back of 2020 just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse there was an earthquake, a new strain of Coronavirus, more deaths and another lockdown. What a year it has been. 

I want all my friends to take away the highlights and learn from this year. The new found appreciation they have to live each day like the last and treat each other more kindly.  

To make more time for loved ones and make the most of the outdoor fresh air going for countryside and appreciating the beauty it has to offer. Along with local delights and things that are offered on their doorstep rather than globally. 

To be more grateful for the things we have and far less superficial. Living for causes to support and purpose rather than superficial selfies.  

Give love, spread love, stay kind to everyone but most of all yourself. 

All the best for 2021 



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