BALANCE...The Power of living a balanced life

Is your life a balancing act? Or are you tipping the scales? 

I have not quite mastered this one myself yet… It seems I am either happy in love, or happy in career or happy in myself and self-goals or happy financially – but never all at the same time. I guess it takes a huge balancing act. 

Tipping the scales however, I am extremely good at. I have always been unconventional in that sense and living life on a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. Truth is each human needs an element of wealth, health, love, career, family, learning, time & passion. We need to nuture each of these carefully to live a balanced life. If we focus on just one area we ignore many parts of our lives and internal happiness. 

I now realise once you appreciate something you have, enjoy it & keep working at it, don’t ask for more. Happiness is being grateful and satisfied with what you do have, not chasing after gold at the end of rainbows. Chase the happy moments & cherish them. However, we need elements of all of them to survive. No money – we chase the money, no love – we chase the love life, no friends we chase the social scene. No Career – we chase the career drive goal. 

The sad & challenging times make us appreciate the happy. We often need times of unbalance to re-assess our goals/life direction or whatever the case may be. It can’t always be smiles rainbows and unicorns everyday. If it were life would be too easy and we would easily tire of the small pleasures in life. Challenges are there to remind us of what achievement, hard work and satisfaction feels like. 

In my last working decade I have come across people with vast amounts of money and 95% of the time – they still aren’t happy. They still aren’t close to perfect. Far from it. There is no such thing. So if you are living in a fantasy world right now – enjoy that bubble. Enjoy how it feels and do your upmost to keep it from bursting. Nothing lasts forever and when it does burst you probably will feel nostalgic. There may be moments of regret. Moments of pleasure. Learn from your actions. A sorry person will not make the same mistake twice. An unsorry person will continue their behaviour time and again. There is such a thing as second chances but energy comes and goes and sometimes you may miss your opportunity and then it is gone in a flash. 

Therefore enjoy the now, live in the present and don’t wish for too much from the future. Be grateful for what you do have. 




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