Consistency - What does it mean to you?

Consistency - what does it mean to you?

A key word for me this year. Not only has corona virus taught me to be extremely productive with my time and with making use of my local network on my doorstep (as a yachtie I am so used to thinking on a Global scale) – it has also taught me the ability to connect wide and far across the World with my global connections and international friends - and shown me just how easy it is at the tips of my fingers.

Never before had I realised how important this word was. The importance of committing and showing up every day. Each day making small steps towards the bigger goal. Being there, taking part, chipping away at whatever that goal may be. Perhaps you have been thinking of starting a new project? Or organising your space at home? Now is the perfect time. Just take three things each day and tick them off. Make note of the small wins and your support network compliments to cheer you on during those tough times and to keep you going.  

In fact before this year I never really set solid goals I just floated through life. Now that I had crystal clear visions, pursuing my passion, I was also chasing towards my dreams I finally was able to envisage long term – something I had never experienced before now. I was so used to living on a day to day basis. Not really working towards anything. Just floating with my head in the clouds – hence the reason I linked Clouds to my name. 

For once in my life I was proud of my small wins each and every day and I was learning to love myself above all. Putting time in for me each day. Filling myself up and emitting that light outwards towards others. Being less angry, less frustrated and taking control of my own destiny not blaming anybody else around me but being responsible for my emotions and thoughts and being more mindful. More appreciative. Learning from all the mistakes I had made and altering my ways to make sure I did not make the same mistakes again. We are always learning. We should always take the time for self-reflection. Nobody is perfect. Finding you again after you gave yourself away to somebody is key. Inner happiness to attract other beautiful souls to you - I am a huge believer in the law of attraction. Last year gave me a blessing to rediscover myself. To figure out who I really wanted to be, to listen to it, to be authentic to myself, to allow myself to open to vulnerability and admit I had given a lot to my last relationship and probably lost it due to not appreciating it enough. It takes two and hey long distance is never easy. Certainly not in a hurry to try that again. What I do know is that I will always be put off from long distance I will always ensure I do the things that I love to ensure I am always a happy positive person. Giving love to others unconditionally, treating people with respect and kindness, realising there is no such thing as perfect but there is no excuse not to be a nice person, not to have manners, not to value somebody else and to always be cautious of how we treat others. 

With regards to consistency I have come to realise that those who stick things out who grind away focussing on one thing at a time are the ones who see results. Simplify to fit something into your daily life to get results. It was so simple, but I had never really been consistent before so learning this and setting it into place wasn't easy but once you have the mindset you can do anything. 

I was starting to see results from my daily 15-20 min workout after only 3 weeks there was a huge difference. I can’t wait to view the pictures side by side after three months of mindful eating, daily work outs, reduced sugar, zero alcohol. It was all choice…and mindset. 

You don’t always need the motivation – just the discipline plus a few good friends to hold you accountable along the way. Consistency is key to achieving anything. Send me a message and let me know what you are consistent with. Have you always been this way? Im curious to know and I would love to hear from you.





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