Coronavirus & travelling...why it will not stop me

Coronavirus & travelling 

A lot of people have asked me if I have travelled since the pandemic started. The truth is yes – it really hasn’t stopped me from travelling as my work is so international. Last year I spent the lockdown in Spain, then took a job on a boat – ended up leaving in Greece. I have visited France, Monaco, Greece (twice), Italy, Sicily, Saudi Arabia, I really did still travel everywhere. Mindfully and with many lockdown restrictions globally and new flying restrictions with paperwork needed for this and that. With forms to fill out before and tests results to prove your results 72 hours before. I can’t even tell you how many covid tests I have done to date but I know that I have had things stuck up my nose, down my throat and even blood samples taken! 

I am lucky enough to work a job that gives me great access to medical equipment and the possibility of regular testing. Therefore I still am very lucky to have the opportunity to travel with my work and to even have a job during this difficult time. 

In reality working in yachting – we are so used to living in our own little boat bubble that lockdown is quite normal for us. We are used to living in confined spaces at sea for long periods therefore restricted lockdowns are quite easy for us to cope with mentally. The understanding of the World pandemic is hard for us, and for even anyone to understand. A complete logistical nightmare of flying crew in and out in between countries to continue carrying on the never ending yacht season because owners feel safer being away from land and on their private boat escapes with limited contact of people. Quite possibly one of the safest places to be in all honesty yet meaning crew are more exhausted than ever. We are grateful that our industry continues through it all. Although with commercial flights & cruise ships on hold – many have jumped into our industry making this even more competitive. 

I can’t imagine how much time has been spent during 2020 alone on searching for airline routes only for companies to then later change them with airport delays, route changes etc. The shear amount of crew unable to get home with friends and family members being affected by coronavirus. We are lucky we still have work.  Whereas the normal 9-5 person has been working from home for the last year almost with the company saving huge costs, close to their loved ones and the employee saving hours of time commuting to work and making use of that extra time for loved ones. 

Either way we all pray that the pandemic will come to an end soon, that our medical teams will be relieved with their need for their downtime and that our lives and social lives return to normal. It won’t be the old normal but a ‘new’ normal living in a more digitalised world as we enter 2021. 


Let’s hope the vaccine saves lives and we are able to take to the streets and enjoy life outdoors together again. With events and concerts back in our lives. More reasons to celebrate and more appreciation for kindness in the World. Until then I will remain productive chipping away at my goals and excited about working on my performance side for you all. With less distractions socially it certainly gives more time for personal projects. So get busy, get productive and let’s see this pandemic through together. See you for some socialising soon I hope! 




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