Covid19 Crisis

During these unprecedented times we are asking ourselves why this is happening. Often we overlook the beauty that will be the outcome of this....times are tough for many people in the World right now. Where there are many small businesses thriving in this climate and many creators busy creating this is a huge disaster for many people. Many companies will collapse during this time and many new ideas will be born. We are being conditioned to force our lives online for the use of social interaction - without human connection who are we? Just like my mentor says - Ryan Koriya - "it is all about balance of organic and technology." 

I ask that those who are with loved ones - enjoy this time. Take time to yourself to reflect also but also realise you have a house over your head, you have access to food, there will always be somebody way worse off. Better to gain perspective of the now not the maybe, not the what if but the now. Enjoy this time and do what you love!


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