Decision Fatigue - are you suffering from it?

Did you know the average person has at least 35, 000 decisions to make per day? 

That is a huge amount of decisions for one person to make - talk about overwhelming. Many are actually made via autopilot mode. Like how we have our tea or coffee in the morning. Some decisions are mundane routine based tasks such as what socks should I put on today? Others are more important business based tasks such as making key decisions for the company you work for – often on their behalf with little input from senior staff. Which can be extremely stressful without you realising it. 

Either way we are faced with so many options these days it’s exhausting. Even a trip to the local supermarket bombards you with 40 different brands of the same item and you are there for two minutes weighing up the price vs the quality – must be the dutch part of me – trying to find as much quality as possible for the smallest price tag. Then going straight to the luxury top end wines – yes I’m a wine snob. However, I also know how to grab bargains too. I recently surprised a friend turning up with a version of a sparkling wine – very similar to champagne but with a third of the price tag! It can be done – hang out with someone who has their level 3 WSET exams ;-) trust me you won’t be disappointed. However, the same person can often be found selecting the most expensive bottles out for dinner – so be warned! Swings and roundabouts here… 

So when it comes to decision fatigue what can be done to help or to overcome it?  

This is simple. By using Meditation - which actually stems from buddhist beliefs. It is thought to be a practise older than 2,600 years old!

Did you know at least 14% of adults in the US have tried meditation?  Also that the number of people practising meditation has tripled since 2012. Approximately 200 to 500 Million people meditate Worldwide. It has been shown that women are more likely to meditate than men.  

If I meet a man who meditates - it excites me. It shows me he is willing to try spiritual practises and have control of his thoughts. Intellect is just as sexy as a six pack in my books.

So why meditation exactly?

Benefits of meditation include stress reduction, it can help to lessen anxiety, helps to combat depression & other emotional health issues such as negative self imagery, enhances self-awareness, has been shown to increase attention span, can improve memory loss, overall it can help self-control and can help people to overcome addictions, improve insomnia, help to alleviate chronic pain and decrease blood pressure. The beauty of it is you can try it anywhere you need zero equipment and the changes it can bring can be so positive – so why not give it a go? 

Like anything is does take practise. However, with apps such as Gaia, and Calm at our fingertips meditation can be found anywhere - whether a meditate while you sleep on Youtube or positive affirmations while you sleep to deep breathing mantra's found on apps like Gaia. You don't need to visit your local yoga studio to try it. It does take time, and a quiet atmosphere to really gain the benefits. 

Meditation is a way of clearing your thoughts. With visual meditation - you concentrate on trying to picture a white wall – which is harder than you think to literally turn off your thoughts. New thoughts are continually trying to enter and you have to concentrate on nothing. By thinking of nothing, and giving your mind these exercises you automatically empty old worries & old thoughts and make new room allowing new thoughts to enter your mind. This is turn brings focus and clarity.Yoga is actually a way to get into meditation and it certainly worked for me. It brings so much clarity to many answers I have. I suffer from overthinking all the time and meditation simplifies things for me. Make things simpler not more complicated. 

Exercise is great for the body and not only that but of course for the mind - as you circulate oxygen around your brain. Generally stimulating everything and giving yourself fresh bursts of energy and radiating a higher frequency that people are naturally attracted to. By having control of your mind, you have control of your thoughts, of yourself and you can choose where to give your energy. Exercise the mind just as you would your body for the ultimate fitness & well-being. Give your mind exercises and tell me the results - have you noticed a difference? 

Most of all - be kind to yourself. It may be valentines but we can just as easily celebrate the love we have for ourselves and for our friends and for our family if there isn’t necessarily a nearest and dearest in sight. Celebrate all the love in your life. Go on treat yourself & let me know how the meditation works for you.  

Stay safe, 




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