Anyone heard of FOPY before? 

My marketing mentor – the lovely Chloe Morris @ Pink Flamingo Marketing once told me about FOPY (fear of promoting yourself). I didn’t believe her until I actually just posted my first music video for I’ll Carry Me this week on YouTube. Whilst I am not 100% on the video – there are a couple of imperfections I see and hear…it needed to be posted so you can all see what I have been doing. Rather than me saying a song is coming and everybody getting bored of the wait! 

Up until now I had been quite confident in pushing my music to people to get their thoughts and opinions. Guess all my friends were super kind and supportive – not everyone will like it and I get that, so putting it in front of my friends was easy. However, posting it out to the WORLD on the internet! That was scary. That’s an entirely different thing! For those that have done this, you will understand but for those that haven’t the excitement the fear, the worry over what others think. Bracing yourself for criticism, love and hate that may come from all over. It is terrifying. Albeit beautiful at the same time. Although I recently read “never take criticism from an individual you would never turn to for advice” how true that is. Well I did it. I posted. The only feedback was positive. As an artist you may like something - however, its not for me to decide. It's for you, the fans, the people the decide if they like it or not. I am fortunate I have a network & community of support I have built over the years. Now it's out there for the World to judge. 

When posting it’s about putting yourself out there for the greater gain….the thought of growing your fan base soon succumbs to that fear. Once you have pushed the boundaries once, you are able to repeat and the discomfort will sure enough fade over time….just like my comfortability in front of the camera will grow. I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you… 

If there is one message to take away from this post – don’t be afraid of the imperfections – get out there as you are your true beautiful raw authentic self. If I had it my way I would have made several edits – but then you would all be waiting another two months haha. Sometimes as an artist you have to let go of things and just let them be. Imperfections and all. I hope you enjoy the new video on YouTube.  

Thanks for reading! Good luck on your marketing FOPY! Xxx

Chloe Clouds I'll Carry Me Demo Video

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