Happy Sunday... The Power of Music and how it can change your mood

Do you ever listen to a song and it makes you feel emotional? Pulls back memories and sinks you into a sad place?

How about that one song that always puts a smile on your face? Or the one that gets you up from your chair and dancing?! There is always a song that will guarantee to get you dancing at a wedding. 

Music is an emotive source and so very powerful. It has the ability to alter your thoughts and emotions. What does it really mean to you? How do you feel when you listen to music? How do you want to feel when you listen to music? This usually determines what playlist we put on. DJ's have this innate ability to read the audience and get everyone on the same vibe and continue that vibe. They are like the magicians of music. 

For some music is an escape from reality. A switch off from the days pressures. For others music is used as therapy - I will never forget a break up from my first ever long term boyfriend and listening to Alicia Keys - Lesson learnt over again - or a break up at school when I play the Corrs album back to back... HAHA. Hope I am not the only one who does this? Who doesnt love a little pity party once in a while?

What are you listening to right now? How are you feeling? Are you listening to it because it brings back happy memories? Perhaps those from being at university? Or dancing your socks off in a nightclub? Or the last time you went out with all your mates and felt super good?

Thanks to a wonderful recent connection with Kris Bradley - I recently watched a touching video of a deaf boy who had never experienced music before. He was given a 'sound shirt' - basically a shirt that has pulses and lights up and vibrates over different parts of the body according to the music being played. Working on haptic motors. It was a touching video - to see this little boy's face light up experiencing a whole new World almost and made me realise how fortunate I am to have this ability to listen and feel music. An incredible invention that has been featured in Times magazine as one of the best inventions of 2020. I will post a link to the youtube video below for you. 

Clubs may be closed through the pandemic - but we still have music. I am grateful to all those creators out there who put out tune after tune for us to dance and jump up and down to! For those songs that keep me pumped up during my work out. For those songs that make me want to cry and stir up so many internal feelings. There is so much thought that goes into creating a song - each song takes hours, weeks and months to create. Massive respect to all the artists out there who have kept on creating for their love of creating. 





Here is a link to the video I promised you:



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