In times of uncertainty....take control over what you can.... YOU

In times of uncertainty – take control. 

Many of us feel powerless with the pandemic. Uncertain. Unsure. We all feel it some are just braver than others and hide it better. 

I wanted to share what a difference a year can make once you take control of your own life.  

This past year so tough for so many. Many people forcing to close their businesses, many forced to re-skill, re-train, sit back and watch everything they built fade away getting into even more debt. 

No matter where you are at…you can get yourself out. It’s all about mindset and perseverance. I want to share with you the journey I have taken from barely singing to releasing a song on Spotify. Reaching a huge milestone accomplishment. It doesn’t mean I’m going to turn into a star overnight – I’m not doing this for any fame or fortune. I do it for the love. Once I co-wrote the song – I'll Carry Me - I recall the moment walking through Ibiza airport smiling to myself. I chased that “feeling” –  every time I face a challenge I go back to that “feeling” which reminds me of why am I doing this – oh yeah because it made me feel proud of myself in a completely different way. Like nothing ever before. 

Everybody is well aware artists don’t make money from streaming…but Spotify is an important element to the music World and I am grateful to each and every one of you for following me. I am overwhelmed by the support - thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here doing this! 

The virus has played an impact in everyone’s lives one way or another – for some it has been devastating, for others they have barely been affected. It is always how people respond that is vital. I was in a lucky situation, alone, renting, unemployed, nobody else dependent on me, the World was my oyster. I studied, I learnt, I attended numerous webinars. I remained focussed and self-motivated to what my goal was. Desperate for work and with savings running low after purchasing numerous courses I took freelance opportunities when and where available. Going back to my music projects in between. 

It was tough jumping between freelance high stress jobs at sea back to land to switching my mind back onto personal projects. However in my line of hospitality work I am used to ever changing environments and quick at adapting. Moving flats and condensing my storage unit in the meantime to save costs! Recording is by no means cheap – but I invested in the best studio there was with all the high tech equipment. I wanted to hear my voice through a neumann mic! Silly yes, but wow. I’ll carry me live studio version which released on 29/1/2021 was recorded in one take. It was at the end of a long studio day and many takes. However, I was determined I wanted to try and do a piano version of it. At 16h in the afternoon Claudio and I gave it a whirl – we’d practised it twice on the piano before…and I was adamant I wanted to record in the same room like a live event. So that’s what we did. We recorded side by side – possibly a mistake because it’s a mixing engineers nightmare. You can’t separate the stems so there is little you can do with the final mix. Otherwise you risk upsetting the piano and vice versa. Luckily super talented Henry Sarmiento from Sonic Vista Studios came to the rescue and managed to make it sound even better in the final mix. He was more excited about my next project - more about that next month!

Then there was the photoshoot – filmed on a 34 degree summer heat – I was melting! I last minute decided to add a videographer – who was super talented – I told her my ideas as we were on our way to the shoot and played her the song, told her the story and she was so passionate about it so we put together the initial video for I’ll carry me. Most of the shoot I had been planning in February – it took until August to make it happen. Once lockdown rules lifted etc. 

I planned outfits with my stylist friend – Sharon Eudella – a talented stylist based in Mallorca. Photo’s were shot by Aimee K Helen, videography by Alexander Cabrer photography, hair and make up stayed on point throughout the hot day – thank you Annika Frederiksson from Blush salon! 

Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as putting pen to paper then placing onto Spotify the next day. The music business is an entire industry – very hard to break into and nobody takes you seriously until you have thousands of fans on every platform – not just Instagram. To grow Instagram to 388 in less than a year made me so proud…then to go and have my account hacked or blocked – was highly upsetting – more about this in the next blog… 

Not only do you need the skills to create, write, sing, you need business skills, you need marketing skills, digital marketing skills, connections in the industry, time, patience and resilience to keep going against all odds. For now this is just a hobby – yes I am spending way more than I am earning from it – which is 0.99P to date BTW! Hahaha. I love it though and I have a new sense of spirit and purpose in life. If I can help others bounce back from a break up or transform their lives into a new direction then I would be over the moon. 

Truth is mindset is the most important. Consistency. Showing people you are seriously pursuing your passion no matter what the outcome. My goal is to write an album and I stay true to that. There have been so many blocks, challenges I have faced. Being resilient and trusting yourself is another important factor. Having an accountability partner – often we use personal trainers – they hold us accountable making sure we show up and put the effort in each week or day. Having a mentor was the best investment for me. He fast-tracked my achievements. Without him placing a pin on a map I’m unsure if I ever would have navigated the way. He put so much time and effort into me. He answered my every whatsapp – as a friend and a mentor when I was going through a very lost period in my life completely unsure of the direction. Not letting him down was also important. Ryan Koriya - you are a star - I will forever sing his praises. 

When I look back over 2020 – I stopped drinking, I buckled down, I took focus on where I wanted to go. I chased the wave and here I am finally placing a song I co-wrote out into the World. With my friends holding my hand, with the effect of chasing this love of my passion which has had a knock on effect in my personal life – I can’t tell you. I have a spring in my step and a zest for life like never before. 

If there is something you are considering… try, keep going, try harder. Smash those goals out the park. I urge you to take action. You always regret the things you didn’t do. Be brave. Take control. 

Love Chloe 


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