Instagram Account HACKS - tips on how to avoid being hacked

Losing an Instagram account - TIPS to help you 

Did I violate their terms? Was I hacked? 

I may never know. I want to help you, giving advice on the things I should have done immediately avoiding you to have the same problem. 

  1. Act quickly 
  2. Change your password immediately 
  3. Place on 2 factor authentication for added security 
  4. File a report in your “settings” “Support” “Report a problem” 
  5. Await an agonising wait from Instagram to come back to me to tell me what the issue was 
  6. If no results – complain on twitter to @instagram & @instagramcomms 

However, best way is to avoid your account getting hacked in the first place, therefore I strongly suggest: 

  1. Ensure two factor authentication is turned on 
  2. Change your password regularly 
  3. Be careful of the third party aps you allow access to 
  4. Don’t click on any links sent to you by strangers 

Lost under searches, people messaging me to ask why I had unfollowed them….akws! Worried about losing my ‘username’ oh the fear!!!! Anyone in a similar situation will understand how I feel. Hours of ‘work’ and posting gone. It was more the connections for me - I'd found this awesome Finnish beatmaker I wanted to work with! Let alone all of those algorithms.....who knew data would be so important in this day and age.  

I never would have dreamed I would have needed 2 factor authentication for my story of pictures but apparently that data is wanted by somebody…so take my lesson as the example of what not to do. 

Stay safe instagrammers! New account pending…..(have somebody trying desperately to get my account back although not holding my breath….if it works you’ll be the first to know!) 




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