Lessons & Learnings...

Whilst in the midst of a global pandemic we are left pondering. What is the meaning of life? What is our true purpose? What are our values? Whilst I spent a couple of months soul searching this last year it comes up again...and I am re-faced with the same questions and same identity crisis I thought I had just been through. The bigger question is this....what truly makes you happy? Where is love for you?

We are surrounded by fear and anxiety. The bigger question is how we use that fear to drive us to push us to face those tough challenges. More often than not we find that the things we used to see as important no longer drive us. The things of value are experiences and I am grateful for all of those that have led me to this point here and now. We must learn from mistakes to avoid making those again in the future. We must stay true to ourselves and except we may change what we really want and that is ok. Just remain true to who you are. 

Fear is the drive here. As we look out to a new future we are reminded to be kinder, to make more time for our family - as they are our true support network. The ones who have nothing around them have the bravery to continue on their sole journey striving for more...

Stay safe and get into your body to get out your mind,

Chloe xx

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