Meeting the Rolling Stones

The story of meeting the Kings of Rock n Roll!

What would you say to massive superstars you met? Do you ever spot a celeb and go super quiet - wishing you'd have actually had the balls to approach them and tell them something? Well I didn't have much to say to the Stones - I was star shocked....but this is the story of my afternoon of meeting them. 

Throughout my time working on yachts I have been lucky enough to rub shoulders with many stars some A listers and some not so well known – the likes of Bryan Adams, Tim Henman, the Rolling Stones, Natalie Imbruglia, Anton du Beke, along with princesses, sheikes and some of the World’s wealthiest billionaires. 

9 times out of 10 you are busy working in your job and continuing what you do – it’s not like you can drop everything and go running over like a fan would. You continue with your service albeit slightly star shocked! However, when two of the rolling stones came on board our yacht – this was slightly different. Again I can’t say which yacht it was – we weren’t even a charter yacht – it was just sheer luck. I recall being told there was a possibility The Rolling Stones were coming on board – but we must keep it quiet and we literally had no idea who it would be. The whole crew were waiting on standby patiently for that Friday to arrive unsure on if it would even happen as we had zero information given to us – a small list of items we must stock up with and that was it – anxious with excitement. A black VITO rocked up on the dock, followed by a second, our engineer was quick to point out we had two members coming on board – quickly recognising them from far on the dock as Keith Richards and Ronnie Woods. 

They came with family members and their tough cockney security. Billy – what a character he was! Anyhow the engineer – being a big fan was keeping security sweet and actually went via him to ask for the photo we got as usually you would never ask a guest for a picture! 

The guests came on board – we had a full set up for them – but they were super humble, very carefree and absolutely genuine and down to earth people – I was very gobsmacked. They were polite and had a lovely afternoon cruising and enjoying being on the water. I would regularly keep drinks topped up as my service is very attentive, Keith Richards said “You’re a naughty girl, I like naughty girls” hahahaha – and that was it. My memory of one of the kings of rock n roll calling me a naughty girl. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t so happy about it….but oh well. Of course nothing happened I shyly shrugged it off and later told my mum – who thought it was hilarious. At the end of the day before they departed we asked for a group photo. What an experience it was and a pleasure to have them on board. Very humble guests – I would welcome them back any day.

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