Music as therapy

Have you ever used music as a therapy?

They say journaling is the best way to tap into your creative and channel out trapped emotions. Whilst that is true it’s also important to listen, to sing, to dance, to let your hair down once in a while. 

This is a topic close to my heart and one I felt compelled to share with you. In the last blog I touched up on music changing emotional states. This week I want to bring up a passionate subject of using music as a therapy. Whatever you love I am sure that at one stage of your life you have turned to that passion to use as your happy place. To bring back the sunshine in your life and escape the harsh realities of daily life. I transformed pain into passion and if it worked for me then it can work for anyone.  

In Ibiza they say that vibration is good for the soul. It is true music is everywhere on that island it is a true music lovers paradise. Those of you who have been lucky enough to visit will agree. Music surrounds you and consumes you in Ibiza. There are whispers of changing your frequency in order to tap into a higher power of consciousness and how Tibetan sound bowls are being used for sound healing sessions that can open up your chakras & emotionally heal you from trauma. On a trip to Bali I explored this – why not try something new and open your mind to the possibilities? 

My self-discovery was that yes music can ease anxiety & sound bowls can help with healing providing you with inner answers. Mainly due to the fact that they put you into such a deep meditation – for centuries gongs have been used for this very purpose – I dare you to try it if you don’t believe me. I too was sceptical before I embarked on my first sound healing session in Bali - it really opened up my World. I was in such a deep meditative state after only one sound healing session – I went searching for self-identity answers and I found them. Answers I had been looking for came flooding to me very clearly. It was incredibly powerful more so than a pure meditation class. When you still the mind you cut out all the background noise and you can focus. Focus on the problem, focus on the solving, focus on the overcoming drowning out any distractions. 

Can music be used as a therapy? Yes. Putting emotions into songs, into writing helped me immensely tap into something I never thought I was ever capable of. Not only was it an outlet for me to tell my story and re-visit and overcome that pain I experienced, I tapped into a much deeper creative power that I never knew I was capable of. I started to believe in myself again and trust myself and respect myself and that was a huge turning point. I was loving life again and realised how life sometimes takes you in another direction. I was grateful for my experiences as it gave me so much deep inner reflection to figure out my true sense of identity to stop ignoring or giving up on what my heart wanted continually fighting between heart and mind all the time. Almost like a battle of conscious vs unconscious – the sensible idea vs the risky – perhaps this is just my huge Gemini trait showing through? 

Nothing I have ever done has ever been conventional. I have always opted to be different so learning to embrace that was vital. I was lucky I had an opportunity to change direction in my life. I had so much freedom being recently single with nobody depending on me. I really was in a very lucky position. 

Music heals. Music soothes. Music pumps energy and you get what you want from it. If you’re looking for some extra energy for your gym workout = you seek high energy songs, if you’re looking to cry your heart out you seek ballads with lyrics whose stories resonate with yours. If you’re looking for a love song for a romantic dinner – you can find it. Music alters moods and ultimately music heals. One of the best examples of this is the recent song - drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo. A beautiful song crafted so cleverly and emotionally. It pulls at heart strings, everyone can resonate with the lyrics at one point during their lives and I’m sure for Olivia as an artist it was so liberating writing that song. 

Whether it’s music or sound healing or meditation – if you seek therapy – it can be found in all sorts of things. Above all love yourself. For further reading check these articles out: 

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Happy Easter, happy reading & happy listening. 




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