Perfectionism - Nobody is Perfect

Nobody is Perfect 

Is perfect holding you back? 

For so many years I held in the thing that felt the best….my singing. It was a deep connection to outlet my emotions, to express myself, to connect with the World yet for so many years it laid hidden. Why? Because I was so scared of it not being perfect. Of not being the best I was too scared to even try. It was only when I accepted myself as very imperfect I then realised I might as well try. My life had changed and I really felt like I had nothing else to lose. I reached a low point – music was therapy and soothed the soul. I didn't need to be perfect. All I had to do was try. 

It’s difficult – as friends will always support you no matter what so it is far too easy to spur people on and encourage them falsely. It’s only when you get that one friend who is so daring and so honest paying you compliments with such sincerity - that you actually start to take it seriously. because you know they would give it to you straight. That one friend that will never hold back – that’s the opinion you value – and when they turn around and praise you speaking highly of what you are doing that’s the motivation and kick you need to continue in your direction of learning and growing each day. 

I was always very shy – all throughout school. It was only when an engineer on a yacht once said to me in 2012 – you have an entertainment talent and you should not be so selfish – you should share it with the World – when that mindset shifted for me. From putting myself in the limelight to letting others hear the song. Shifting that perspective made me feel so much more at ease and comfortable putting it out there. I dared to face public crowds and started singing in open mic bars in Mallorca. I would regularly have a group of friends that would come and see me week after week asking when I was next playing. I never considered myself that good but the feedback I got week after week was incredible. One girl commenting – “you made my toes curl under like I was having an orgasm” hahaha I didn’t really know how to respond to that but I will never forget her saying that to me. Straight after a performance I would get these excitement blocks – like I had so much adrenaline and people and friends would come and talk to me and say all these amazing things but I wasn’t really taking it all in I was still buzzing from the fact I had just come off stage. 

Being comfortable not being perfect realising there is no such thing no matter how hard you try takes a lot of time and effort. I will never claim to be the best singer – I do not claim to be the best musician, I am far from the best songwriter, for now I am doing what I love to do, and I promise to sing pure emotion and always from the heart. I will share my voice with you. I will share my stories with you. My life experiences and my emotions. Laying my heart and soul out bare for the World to see. I will hopefully take you on a journey with my songs one day. Transport you from one place to another. Maybe make you cry, hopefully make you smile. Help you to overcome your perfectionism just like I did, so that others can share your hidden talent – musical or not -whichever the case may be. Nobody is perfect so lesson number one is don’t expect too much from yourself. Enjoy making mistakes as its part of being a human. Enjoy the secret little talents we all have to offer and encourage others to share them. Discovering and building their confidence is such a satisfying feeling to see others open up and shine, but most of all enjoy being imperfect – as we all are.

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