Thanksgiving & showing gratitude

This is a time when we give thanks to those around us… 

We don’t tend to celebrate this holiday in the UK. It’s an American festivity. However, it is still an important date to remember. The meaning of it and the significance. 

Time and again the word gratitude appears. Which means different things to different people at different stages of our lives. It is not until something shakes up your World that you suddenly wake up to look around you, coming to the realisation and acceptance to stop being so spolit to appreciate all those little things around you big and small, all those things that you do have, not the things that you don't. All those people you do have in your support network that are there to hold your hand when you most need them. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks to certain people who have helped to get me this far. I re-found my happiness, motivation and above all my purpose doing my music. I guess it was therapy also to get me through a tough period. This year I have studied so hard, running fast trying to catch up with the technology that I usually shy away from. A lot has changed during the last 10 years whilst immersed in a ‘boat’ bubble. As most of you know I have been working on yachts and it is far from reality in many aspects. My eyes were closed to just how powerful the internet is, I didn’t understand social media at all, I only started Instagram less than a year ago and I have grown that to 300+ followers! Thanks to all of you reading this and all your support. 

It still amazes me how with one click of a button I am able to communicate with some of the most iconic figures in the music industry. Lucky enough to have guidance from Rick Barker – Taylor Swifts former manager and Alex J – the masterpiece producer/engineer behind Despacito track which reached over 1.8 billion views Worldwide. There are a few people that have guided the way for me this year - I am forever grateful. 

With thanksgiving having just taken place…I wanted to inspire you to look around at the things you do have, the people you do have. Pay attention to the ones who have always been there and give thanks to them. They will love your positive support and you never know what is around the corner or when you will next need your hand holding.

Keep dreaming cloud makers,



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