The rollercoaster of 2021 – enjoying the ride? 

As 2021 comes and goes we see another turbulent year of ups and downs & the dreaded word that nobody wants to mention ‘C19’ 

There are many lessons learnt and we need to be grateful for each & all of our journeys thus far.

For one, I have managed to learn to make time for those who mean the most to me. Keep a smaller circle of genuine friends and pertain quality over quantity. 

What are your learnings of 2021?

What have you achieved this year?

What is on the agenda for 2022? 

Whatever you have planned I’m sure there will be huge successes to share all round. New obstacles to face. Make use of your time as time is precious and the one thing you will never get back. 

As a dear friend once told me… we are all full of equal amounts of light & dark so choose “to follow the wolf of light”’. Enjoy life’s pleasures and all those small little simple things that put a smile on your face. They are the things that money cannot nor will not ever be able to buy. 

Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you the best year ahead. 

2022 – "EMBRACE THE CHANGE" -Evolve, adapt, move forward. 




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