“To do what you love is freedom, to love what you do is happiness” Raphaelle Giordano

“To do what you love is freedom, to love what you do is happiness” Raphaelle Giordano

This saying is more true than I could ever imagine. Have you managed to reach this stage? Have you continued to follow your love in life? Chase your passion? Your dreams? To create or do something that makes your heart sing?

It's the best feeling in the World. I can hand on my heart say that for a number of strange coincidences had I not have met my now music mentor the wonderful Ryan Koriya - I don't know if I would have been brave enough or inspired enough to chase this dream. He has held my hand on so many occasions. Been a listening ear when the rest of my social network thought I was losing the plot. Been the pillar of support when I was about to throw the towel in. The courage to follow it comes and goes and in all honesty there have been days I feel like giving up and then a friend texts out of the blue with some encouraging words to spur me on as if by magic. One thing was for sure....as I started to delve into the one thing that truly lit me up inside the connections with existing and new friends, the law of attraction in general life just started to open up. Anyone who hasn't yet read the French bestseller - "Your Second Life Begins When You Realise You Only Have One" by Raphaelle Giordano really should read it. It compliments this transformation you can implement into your life. 

Following this musical journey has taught me so much and I seem to have endlessly learnt things with little effort it has come so naturally to learn the business model side & the marketing and it has been a pleasure to learn it I really am enjoying every step. I have no idea where it will take me but these skills I have learnt through my love and passion can now be applied to other areas in my life.

Try it for yourself I dare you. Let me know how you get on....



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