Well roundedness, harmony & balance – What does mindset mean for you? 

Well roundedness, harmony & balance – What does mindset mean for you? 

Last week – I touched up on body & mind this week I wanted to touch on balance and all of these elements combined. Anyone ever wondered why life seems to be going so well at some points then so badly at others? 

When we sink into a deep depressive hole we easily sink further and further in…. it becomes harder and harder to get out and we give up on ourselves and all our own good habits. We turn to a glass of wine or a drink which satisfies our short term needs but actually harms our long term needs. We then repeat this behaviour in a vicious cycle. However, when we have the right mindset we shift our energy we alter our mindset and possibility to achieve anything.

For me keeping fit helps me stay on track to achieve. If my mind is healthy, my body is healthy and I eat healthy it is a knock on effect. I feel motivated, I feel proactive I have bursts of energy and my overall productivity improves. I become unstoppable and reach maximum productivity. I give myself that time to raise my heartbeat and get oxygen circulating through my entire body. Raising those endorphins, tapping into my higher frequency and therefore attracting people to me rather than repelling them during a depressive state. When was the last time you wanted to hang out with somebody who whinged all the time? Low frequency is low attracion. If you have read the secret then you understand what I am talking about and the law of attraction itself. 

A recent podcast with Jay Shetty – discusses purpose, mindset & meditation – I am a big believer of him and this topic. It mentions meditation is exercise for the brain. I could not agree more. In Bali – there was a yoga practitioner who said – we have so many thoughts in the day – we need to let some go in order to let new thoughts enter. This is what meditation is about. It is about controlling and focusing the mind. When we can do this we can take control of our own lives and do anything we set our minds to. 

How do you feel when you exercise? 

I don’t exercise to lose weight – I stick at it to lose weight. However I keep going back because I LOVE the way it feels and the effect it has on my life in general. I love that feeling of stretching at the end. I love treating myself to a massage when I have worked out really hard. As I enter a new phase of my life with less partying like I did in my 20’s and more health wellness orientated in my 30’s I am conscious of how my body mind and soul feels. I chase the things I love. I say goodbye to the things that no longer serve me – sugar being one of them! Less alcohol, and more feel good factor. Chase that feeling. 

Anything is possible if you believe it. Your mind controls your emotions and it can have a very positive or a very detrimental effect to your wellbeing. Pay closer attention to the way you talk to yourself. To your inner dialogue. Be kind to yourself. 

What’s your mindset? What will 2021 bring for you? 




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