What’s your happy place? 

If I were to ask you this question – where would it be? Who would it be with? Why that one place? 

After a conversation with a friend recently – who advised me to create a ‘safe space’ - a harmonious environment where creativity could free-flow, in order to write, to edit, to create songs & piece together my album. She hit the nail on the head – she solved my issue of not feeling I was in a good environment to keep flowing with my writing. It was the perfect idea and inspired me for this blog. Whatever your problem is – speak to someone and they can always offer a solution. 

That conversation taught me the awareness of our environments and how it can affect us so easily. After spending the first lockdown in a non-harmonious environment and the last ten years working & living in confined shared spaces on a superyacht it became crystal clear that having four solid walls to feel tranquil in is a blessing and necessity for me to harbour that creative vibe. Also spending time with people who actually want to invest in time with you. Time is precious you will never get it back so why waste time with people who misunderstand you? Who don’t get you? What you are about? Or just generally leave you feeling bad about yourself? Spend time with those who are worthy of your time. Invest in those who give it back to you. Don’t chase ones who don’t even give you a second glance. It needs to be an even playing field. Any friendship or relationship is give and take not just take take and not just I’ll give in order to take. You have to want to put the energy in. And equally it should be effortless giving it back. 

As a naturally born empathetic and highly sensitive person – I often pick up on the slightest energy shift - just one negative occurrence in the day or bad vibe from a fellow co-worker can set me up for a bad day. I have learnt to dodge those situations – to not let others affect my moods. To step out of the way of any situations that may have a negative impact. 

I have learnt to control my emotions in order to lead a team successfully without emotions driving me. My leadership and management skills have flourished acknowledging my own EQ levels, my team seem happier and it’s a more enjoyable environment to work it. I don’t shout, I don’t scream, I get the job done. 

Therefore, once in control of your emotions, once able to read situations and step out of ones that no longer serve you…you start to seek the ones that do. The universe opens up to you and attracts the right tribe of people to you. Crazy I know but when it happens it just happens. 

Everybody needs a home. Everybody needs love. Everybody needs support. Creative people need a comfortable place to ‘get into the zone’ just as a child at school needs that right amount of nurturing and encouragement in order to flourish. 

If you close your eyes & could transport yourself back to that perfect moment of happiness where would it be? And why? 

What was it that made you feel so happy? What was it that inspired you? How did that moment spark pure joy? Was it the location? Was it the emotion involved? What were the surroundings you can visualise? Was it the company you kept? Was it the feelings you felt? Was it the words you were told? 

What is your happy place? 

Next time you feel under the weather, angry, sad, frustrated….take yourself back to that happy place… embrace it with open arms and stay there as long as you need to achieve whatever it is your heart desires. Even if it is just a moment of calm to start your day right. Enjoy it. 

Fearne Cotton has a podcast called Happy Place – and has just achieved podcast of the year award by British Podcast Awards 2021 – you can check it out here:



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