Female Fertility – fact vs. fiction 

Ladies - why invest in YOUR future & fertility?                         

9 times out of ten life passes by without too many plans or serious consideration for your future. In my industry I have come across several women who wish they had…

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Meeting the Rolling Stones

The story of meeting the Kings of Rock n Roll!

What would you say to massive superstars you met? Do you ever spot a celeb and go super quiet - wishing you'd have actually had the balls to approach them…

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What’s your happy place? 

If I were to ask you this question – where would it be? Who would it be with? Why that one place? 

After a conversation with a friend recently – who advised me to create a ‘safe space’ - a…

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Yachting - The REAL Below Deck

What “Below Deck” work is really like…. 

As a super yacht crew member I have been working in this industry on and off for the last 11 years. Here is a snippet of what the work is really like -…

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BALANCE...The Power of living a balanced life

Is your life a balancing act? Or are you tipping the scales? 

I have not quite mastered this one myself yet… It seems I am either happy in love, or happy in career or happy in myself and self-goals or…

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Virtual Dating

Virtual dating during a pandemic: 

Lucky in love? Or a digital disaster? 

Let’s face it what a rubbish time to be single with no events or opportunities to meet people in person all social interaction has been via phone screens…

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Music as therapy

Have you ever used music as a therapy?

They say journaling is the best way to tap into your creative and channel out trapped emotions. Whilst that is true it’s also important to listen, to sing, to dance, to let…

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Decision Fatigue - are you suffering from it?

Did you know the average person has at least 35, 000 decisions to make per day? 

That is a huge amount of decisions for one person to make - talk about overwhelming. Many are actually made via autopilot mode. Like…

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