Teachings of the Pandemic.... what are your takeaways from this time?

What have you learnt about yourself during this time?

Living in an all consuming society apart from the odd Amazon splurge throughout this last year it has been a time where we have learnt to live with less. With what we need rather than the superfluous. Re-learning values, things that matter, showing more kindness and appreciating what is on our doorstep rather than what the country next door can offer. Making tighter closer bonds within smaller groups and between those who matter most and less time for those in larger circles who serve little value in our lives and are more the acquaintainces. By focusing in on who really matters and why they matter so much appreciating them and all they have to offer.  

Listening to our inner feelings more and less to the noise of daily life. Honing in on what really counts. Not wasting time commuting, or overspending, over shopping. As a shopaholic myself shopping online is a blessing because I can get exactly what I need minus any temptation. 

This is a beautiful time to concentrate and manifest what you really want from life. Those things you are working towards. Maximising productivity and reducing distractions – apart from the internet possibly the biggest distraction of all! I often log in to search for one thing and ten re-routes later I finally get back on track! I’d say that’s the biggest time waster. Filtering the information we really need to take in than wasting time on irrelevant minor content. Seeking only what serves us rather than an entertainment fill. Its important to take time away from screens. Away from zoom calls, away from Instagram. Be comfortable in our home not looking at how amazing other peoples lives my appear but showing gratitude for what we have – a roof over our head and a warm bed to sleep in at night – more than many during this cold time of year. 

A friend of mine recently raised 950 GBP for bone cancer research! What an achievement – I mean he was doing a burpee challenge in fishnets – so very well deserved. Just shows we should all be doing more for others through this tough time. It won’t last forever so make an impact that counts towards the next generation. Let's shape the future showing more kindness to those that have lost a lot during this time. Most of us have been lucky we still have our nearest and dearest - so show them you are happy to have them in your lives still as life can change so quickly. 




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